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Automation process and robotics

The main objective of TPR is focused on the excellence of each task performed, to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction. For this reason, the accompaniment and advice during all the project execution processes is a key point of the company, as well as the engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of the equipment at the client’s homes to reduce non-productive times.

Filler welding station

Terminal soldering for a variety of wire numbers.


  • Cycle time of 60 s.
  • Spot welding.
  • Spot welding to join the wiring to the terminal.
  • It contains 3 stations, with horizontal movement, the operator loads the terminals on one side, and they are welded in the middle, in this way, while welding, other terminals can be loaded to the free station.
  • The machine supports an indefinite number of models with a maximum of 7 cables per connector.