rss Thu, 06 May 2021 20:56:20 +0200 <![CDATA[We have just started to assemble a new machine for a company in the automotive sector!]]> Once again and after finishing the design phase where we have worked together with our client to develop an efficient solution, we started the assembly of this project and thus materialize all the innovative ideas applied during the conceptual development of the project. 

For this assembly we have a highly qualified team that ensures the success of any assembly maintaining the high quality standards of TPR.

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<![CDATA[TPR-Engineering bets on IO-Link technology]]>

TPR-Engineering is betting on IO-link technology. The IO-link (IEC 61131-9) is an open standard serial communication protocol that allows bidirectional data exchange of sensors and devices. TPR is working with this technology to offer completely new possibilities for its users. Some of its advantages are the simple replacement of the sensors, protection against manipulations, detection of cable breakage, standardized and reduced wiring, greater data availability, remote configuration and monitoring.

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<![CDATA[Delivery of a project for a company in the automotive sector]]>  


This week, TPR-Engineering has delivered a project for a leading company in the supply of components in the automotive sector. The project consists of the design, manufacture, and start-up of a robotic cell for the transformation, verification through artificial vision, manipulation and fitting of a rubber product.

Thanks to the know-how acquired during these years in the sector by TPR, it has been possible to optimize the processes to the maximum, achieving great precision both in the field of verification at the time of data acquisition of each component, and in the processes of product transformation, where a high degree of reliability in the performance of operations is achieved.

With the incorporation of this robotic cell, the client has been able to optimize the production time, achieve a 100% verification of the components and guarantee that our client does not receive any quality claim.

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<![CDATA[TPR-Engineering reaches a collaboration agreement with the company 3D CAD of India]]>  


This November, the company has reached a collaboration agreement with the 3D CAD Company located in India. With this agreement TPR-Engineering can offer engineering services with many advantages for its customers. So, thanks to this agreement, TPR manages to take a leap in quality, by offering a service where it can perform large volumes of work with a very short execution time. Thanks to this collaboration, TPR-Engineering becomes more flexible and agile while allowing global solutions. 

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<![CDATA[TPR at the IOT Solutions World Congress fair in Barcelona]]>  


TPR-Engineering attended the IOT fair to see first-hand the innovations that can be applied to the industry 4.0 TPR-Engineering has attended the third edition of the IOT Solutions World Congress, which was held from 3 to 5 October in Barcelona.

The fair, which has more than 14,000m2 of space, is one of the largest fairs in the world related to the yacht (Internet of Things). In this edition it has gathered more than 220 exhibiting companies, 250 speakers and more than 14,000 visitors.

For TPR it has been an opportunity to learn firsthand about the innovations that can be applied to the industry 4.0, as well as to establish business relationships and discover the most innovative solutions in the field of IOT.


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